Grey-water is the waste water from the laundry and bathroom, it is water that can be reused

Clothes washing accounts for 10-30% of the average household’s water use. Grey-water from the laundry is easy to divert and with the right choice of laundry products it is ideal for using in the garden

Grey-water safe products are low in sodium and phosphate.This ensures that the grey-water has relatively low chemical content, protecting the health of your garden 
Bleaches such as hair dyes and nappy wash, chlorine and disinfectants including eucalyptus and tea tree oil can detrimentally affect the health of soils by killing soil organisms. Don’t reuse greywater when using cleaning chemicals in the bathroom or laundry, or when using hair dye, bleaches or disinfectants.

Washing detergents contain phosphorus and nitrogen, which are nutrients necessary for plant growth, so reduce fertiliser use when using greywater.